ON - Donation Doggie Gym
July 2 (Thursday) at 8:30 am (GMT-04:00)

Online Class

Class length
45 minutes
Room name

Join Kristen and Zuzu for DOGGIE GYM!! This is a workout class FOR YOUR DOG! 
Cost: Suggested $5 donation to Sterling Yoga 
Time: 8:30-9:15 a.m. on ZOOM
For: Dogs of all ages, sizes, and energy levels
In this therapeutic fitness class for your dog, you will learn how to safely lead your favorite four-legged friend through some dog conditioning exercises focusing on the NECK & SPINE. 
This is important for all dogs (from puppies to seniors) but especially if:
-Your dog has been walking a lot
-Your dog is anxious or stressed by the changes in his/her environment
-Your dog suffers from seasonal allergies or respiratory issues
We will take a look at a dog’s anatomy, learn some basic massage and active stretching, and core strengthening exercises for your dog. The most important part of this class is that you will be getting to spend quality time bonding with your dog while also doing something really great for his/her overall health and wellness! 
You will need:
-Either a yoga mat, table runner, OR bath/beach towel
-A yoga block OR telephone book, thick novel, couch cushion, or step
-A small cone OR something round like a water jug, or you can use your yoga block again
-A tug toy 
-LOTS of high value treats!!

Sorry - that class has already taken place!