Sterling Yoga & Wellness Center

Rooftop - Doggie Gym
with Kristen

July 29 (Thursday)
at 7:30 pm

Class length
45 minutes

Class location


Join Kristen and Zuzu for ROOFTOP DOGGIE GYM!! This is a workout class FOR YOUR DOG! Movement is just as important for dogs as it is for us (no matter what size, age, or breed), so join us throughout the summer months for an in-person doggie gym experience!

*Limited to 5 participants and their dogs*
**Please REGISTER BY 4:00 PM on class day; otherwise, class will move to Online Doggie Gym instead.**

Time: 7:30-8:15 pm on the Sterling Yoga Rooftop (weather permitting)
For: Dogs of all ages, sizes, and energy levels

In this therapeutic fitness class for your dog, you will learn how to safely lead your favorite four-legged friend through some dog conditioning exercises focusing on whole body strengthening, lengthening, and massage.

The most important part of this class is that you will be getting to spend quality time bonding with your dog while also doing something great for his/her overall health and wellness!

Kristen will bring some equipment, but please also bring the following:

  • -A beach towel or Mexican blanket
  • -A yoga mat
  • -LOTS of high value treats!!


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