Sterling Yoga & Wellness Center

Studio - Yoga Level 1/2
with Frank

December 6 (Monday)
at 12:00 pm

Class length
60 minutes

Class location
Amethyst Studio

Introduction to poses and developing a practice of home study. For the seasoned practitioner a deeper level of awareness and subtleties of the poses will be taught.

Cut-Out Chair, 4 Mexican/Sturdy Iyengar Blankets), 2 Wood Bocks, 2 4" Foam Blocks, 1 Quick Release, 2 of either Buckle or Iyengar Straps, 2 bolsters, and a Yoga Mat (maybe 2).

Props are available to students, but we ask that you do your part by wiping those that you use, or select to bring your own to use.

**It's important to have sturdy, safe props when you are working on alignment for health.


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