Sterling Yoga & Wellness Center

Online - Donation Doggie Gym
with Kristen


December 9 (Thursday)
at 7:30 pm (GMT-05:00)

Class length
45 minutes

Class location
Online via Zoom



Join Kristen and Zuzu for DOGGIE GYM!! This is a workout class FOR YOUR DOG! In this therapeutic fitness class for your dog, you will learn how to safely lead your favorite four-legged friend through some dog conditioning exercises.

This is important for all dogs (from puppies to seniors) but especially if:
-Your dog does a sport that requires a lot of running and jumping
-Your dog sits crooked or more toward one hip than the other
-Your dog’s breed is predisposed to having hip or back end issues
-Your dog is a senior and wants to age gracefully
-Your dog is crated a good bit of the week because of your work schedule and/or spends a lot of time in the car, and then is often a “weekend warrior”
We will take a look at a dog’s anatomy, learn some basic massage and active stretching, and core strengthening exercises for your dog over the next five weeks. The most important part of this class is that you will be getting to spend quality time bonding with your dog while also doing something really great for his/her overall health and wellness! 
Dog bowl, yoga block, or a small throw pillow
3-6 rolled up beach towels, blankets or yoga mats
A book or raised surface that is about the size of your dog’s rear end
-Back of the couch, couch cushions, or furniture that can be rearranged a bit to make a pathway that is a little wider than your dog from shoulder to shoulder (Depending on your dog and your house, we may have to get creative for this one! I’ll be logged on about 15 minutes before class, so if you need help with supplies, get on early for assistance!)
-LOTS of high value treats!!


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